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Well strictly speaking my library as Steve really isn't that interested in reading. I on the other hand have always been an avid reader, never without something to read, that is until half way through a family holiday when I was about 12! I ran out of reading material, can you imagine anything worse, and trust me there is little worse than me without something to read! But in true 'parent to the rescue' style my Mum lent me one of her books, The Mists of Avalon by Marion Zimmer Bradley (UK | US) which is to this day one of my all time favourites.

Since then interspersed with expeditions into other genre’s I have been obsessed with done my best to read as many books about King Arthur and Camelot as I could find. This has over the years spread across time to include anything Celtic, Roman, Viking, Ancient Greek; well pretty much any 'old' history.

I am always looking for suggestions of other books that my be of interest and thought other people must too? So in the hopes that it may prove useful to someone else, I would like to share my list; and maybe someone will have some suggestions for me in return. If you appreciate my efforts then please feel free to support us by shopping at one of our Amazon powered stores.

Please bear with me as it may take me a while to get all the books listed on here that I want, and with as much information as I wish to share. I have read all of the books that I am listing, but some of them it was quite a while ago. As a result I may not feel comfortable with providing a rating or a review; in these cases I plan to re-read the book as soon as possible, but I always find that there simply isn't enough hours to read all of the books on my list!

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